Water Conservation

Prevent Water Waste

Please help prevent water waste in the City of Solvang.  Encourage your neighbors to conserve water.  If you spot excessive water waste please contact our Water Division at (805) 688-5575 to report the situation.

Green Gardener Program

The Green Gardener Program for Santa Barbara County educates local gardeners in resource efficient and pollution prevention landscape maintenance practices.  The Green Gardener Program is a regional program designed to offer education, training, and promotion of participating gardeners and landscape maintenance contractors.

Integrated Regional Water Management Program

The intent of the Integrated Regional Water Management Program in Santa Barbara County is to promote and practice integrated regional water management strategies to ensure sustainable water uses, reliable water supplies, better water quality, environmental stewardship, efficient urban development, protection of agricultural, and watershed awareness.  The City of Solvang is an active participant in the Integrated Regional Water Management process here in Santa Barbara County, and has been so since 2008.  The Santa Barbara County Water Agency is the lead agency coordinating the Integrated Regional Water Management efforts within the County.