Engineering Division

The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department has many responsibilities.  We manage the City's Capital Improvement Program including engineering design, management of consultant contracts, construction management, and inspection.  We provide engineering review and inspection of public improvements that are part of development projects.  We process and issue Encroachment Permits for various activities within the public right-of-way, and we process and issue Grading Permits.  We manage the City's state-mandated Stormwater Management Program.  We also administer the Santa Ynez Valley Transit bus system, and much more. 

Encroachment Permits

The Engineering Division issues two types of Encroachment Permits:

1. Encroachment Permit for Construction - This covers excavation, utility work, concrete work and other construction activities within the public right-of-way.  In most locations throughout the City the public right-of-way covers the paved roadway and extends 5' to 10' behind the curb.

2. Encroachment Permit for Obstruction - This covers benches, tables, planters and other private structures that may be placed or located within the public right-of-way such as dining tables located on public sidewalks in the commercial areas of town.

Once an Encroachment Permit application is deemed complete, applicants should plan on two weeks for staff to process and issue a Permit.  Contact our Engineering Technician with any questions you may have.

Grading Permits

Under development.

Design Standards

Under Development.

Standard Details

Under development.