Coronavirus Information & Resources

Information and Resources for Community Members

COVID-19 public communication materials developed  by the Joint Information Center (JIC) that are being distributed countywide.

Covid-19 customer flyer to be distributed at grocery stores/food service locations 

Social distancing flyer 

Community Wellness flyer and handout 

Flatten the Curve at Parks handout 

Covid-19 Card

Posted April 10, 2020 Signed HOO Amendment on Clarifications of Stay At Home Order for Selected Businesses

Posted March 25, 2020, amended March 26, 2020 On March 20, 2020 The City of Solvang declared a Public Health and Economic Cessation Emergency. As a result the City of Solvang will NOT be assessing late fees on utility bills due in March, and water will NOT be shut off for non-payment during the declared State of Emergency. We have deferred payment plans and amortization plans available for those who need them at no additional cost to them. Please reach out to us at or 805-688-5575 for more information or to make alternative payment arrangements.

Also as a result, the City Council decided to ease requirements for Transient Occupancy Tax payments and penalties.  If you would like to know more on how this action could assist your Hotel during this emergency, please contact the City of Solvang at or 805-688-5575.

Posted March 21, 2020 Solvang Drinking Water is Safe – Fact Sheet

Posted March 20, 2020 Information provided by the State of California as pertains to Governor of California Executive Order, is here: The City of Solvang will also post updates and information about the order, on the new Solvang Resources website:

Posted March 20, 2020 The following email addresses are provided to the public for reaching City of Solvang Departments during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Emergency Inquiries:

Media Inquiries:

City Hall General Inquiries:

Parks and Recreation General Inquiries:

Planning Department General Inquiries:

Building Department General Inquiries:

Report Code Enforcement problems:

Public Works General Inquiries:

Utility Billing specific Inquires:

Report problems concerning streets, trees, sidewalks, etc:

Report problems with Sewer system or storm drains:

Report problems with the Water system:

General Inquiries about Business Licensing:

County of Santa Barbara Notices

Please see this link for the latest  information from the County of Santa Barbara Public Health Department with links to the State of California Department of Public Health resources.

Posted May 6, 2020 - The County of Santa Barbara has issued the following:

HO Order 2020-8 Clarification of Essential Businesses

Posted April 5, 2020 - The County of Santa Barbara has issued the following:

For the control of COVID-19 stay well at home order. Clarification of State Stay-At-Home Order for Selected Businesses

Posted March 16, 2020 - The County of Santa Barbara has issued the following:

Declaration of Local Health Emergency by the County Health Officer and Public Health Director for the Coranavirus (COVID-19) and to Issue Health Orders As Appropriate and Needed

Proclamation of Local Emergency by Director of Emergency Services for the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Press Releases

June 27, 2020 ~ City of Solvang to Host Community Workshops on Economic Development and Specific Site Development at and near the ’Old Lumberyard’ and Veterans Memorial Hall, and Solvang Park-Adjacent Parking Lot

Effective June 5, 2020: Solvang Temporarily Closes Copenhagen Drive to Vehicular Traffic; Creates Pedestrian Space, Constructs Parklets

City of Solvang PHP Press Release May 4, 2020

UPDATED: Public Participation Notice for Solvang City Council Meetings

City of Solvang Informs of Issuance of State Governor Executive Order to Shelter at Home, Effective Thursday, March 19, 2020

City of Solvang, California Declares COVID-19 Public Health and Safety and Economic Cessation Emergency, in Effort to Access Available Emergency Funding and Reimbursement

City of Solvang, California Launches COVID-19 Resources Website; Announces Santa Barbara County Approval for SBA Loan Process; Special City Council Meeting Scheduled for Friday, March 20, 2020

City of Solvang Responds to SB County Issuance of "Public Health Emergency" Surrounding COVID-19 

Mayor’s Communications

Message from Solvang Mayor June 4, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor June 2, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor May 23, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor May 22, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor May 14, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor May 9, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor May 2, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor April 17, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor April 9, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor April 5, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor March 28, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor March 26, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor March 16, 2020

Message from Solvang Mayor March 13, 2020

Local Businesses

Local Business Owners and Operators will be interested in this link for information on the SBA’s Economic Injury loan program for declared states and territories. 

Sign & Permit Restrictions Eased

During a Special Emergency Meeting of the Solvang City Council on March 12, 2020, City Council authorized City of Solvang, California ( staff to take actions to assist local businesses in implementing guidance which has been handed down, as relates to COVID-19.

The City Manager is hereby waiving sign requirements and is modifying encroachment requirements within the City, to allow in the interim period of at least through July 31, 2020, for businesses to take the following actions consistent with public health and safety:

  • post informational signage related to social distance spacing and the availability of “pick up” and delivery services; 
  • make adjustments to private parking areas to accommodate such customer pickup;
  • make minor temporary adjustments to outdoor seating areas for restaurants and wine/beer sale locations, including use of private parking areas, to meet recommended social distancing for seating and customer use.
  • for restaurants and wine/beer sale locations and dining expansion into public right-of-way, the City offers an expedited encroachment permit process. The permit is available on under Business section. The same encroachment permit process applies to signs placed in public right of way.

While City permitting is being temporarily waived or modified, such exempt activity must still be implemented in a way that does not cause blockage of public roads and sidewalks, and businesses should keep in mind the City’s usual high standards as pertain to modifications and signage and hawking or other aggressive sales activities are not allowed.

If businesses have questions about any action taken by the City of Solvang, please contact the City of Solvang at (805) 688-5575 or email us at